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27.09.2016 Visit to the International Technical Fair – Plovdiv

In the week of the International Technical Fair - Plovdiv, Spartak JSC organized collective visit for its employees. The business forum is held from 26th of September to 1st of October, 2016 with the participation of over 600 companies from 33 countries. A partner country this year is the Czech Republic.

As a company responsive to the dynamic market environment, Spartak JSC tries to be flexible, adequate and in line with innovations. The goal of the visit was to inform employees and to adapt to the latest trends and suggestions from sectors with high growth potential such as Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, Robotics.
This year visitors may see the expansion of branch coverage on the Autumn Fair. There are shown the trends in nearly one hundred industry sectors and a huge bank of innovative solutions.
The meeting reflected very helpful and motivating of all the Spartak employees, who visited the fair.

 2/11/2015 Unique for Bulgaria kinetic sculpture produced by Spartak JSC adorns Castle Ravadinovo

Podered time for the confidence of the customers had trusted the experience and expertise of the team Spartak AD. Unique for the scale of the country the facility was designed and manufactured custom and idea of ​​our clients by Ravadinovo Castle. Metal kinetic sculpture impresses with its spectacular design and feasibility specially designed and created for guests and visitors of the Castle Ravadinovo. The enchanting atmosphere of this beautiful place that is an international tourist destination and enjoys thousands of visitors from around the world is complemented by this unique attraction, powered by wind and programmed by specialists Spartak AD in unique movements that are controlled by mechanisms of the facility . It was made to order and design of our customers who once again trust the quality performance in its orders to the team of factory "Spartak" AD.

24.11.2014 SPARTAK JSC held specialized training on the latest programs of qualification in the aerodynamics of fans

Engineering teamandemployees of the companywent througha specialized course,whichpresent the latestinnovationsand updated informationrelated tothe manufacture offans.The trainingseminarwas led byAssoc. Prof.Dr. Eng.TodorChakarov,oneof the bestspecialistsin the country.Familiarizationwith the courseandthe panelsthat were includedwere designedand increasedopportunitiesforthe teameven betterdesign and construction ofthe fans,according to the latesttrendsand standardsimposed by theglobal market.SpartakADis a leading manufacturerofindustrial fansin the countryand a majorcommitmentis the currentoffering ofthe latest standards,bearingthe best resultsforclientsnow.

 Picture galleryyou can see here: 


The biggest industrial fan, produced in Bulgaria from SPARTAK JSC, is desired by Russians


Bourgas company Spartak JSC, which is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans in Bulgaria, has totally solidified its positions as the largest and most reliable supplier not only in our country but also abroad.

The biggest size ventilator, produced in the last years in Bulgaria, is ordered and ready for export. A large Russian company has made an inquiry in our country for the most efficient and quality production of a series of industrial fans, which will be used in Russia for very important and serious workloads in their local industry. As we know,Russiahas anumber of majormanufacturers ofthis type ofequipment, but they trusted exactly on Bourgas company that is with nearly hundred years traditions and proven quality.

The choice of Spartak JSC that Russian customers made, is determined by the huge technical and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a variety of fans, which can be produced according to customer’s drawings and orders by Bulgarian company. From the factory said that it is only a small part from the wide range of products that they propose. Spartak JSC is also known as a manufacturer of different metal constructions, gun safe boxes, pallets for automotive industry, etc. Laser cutting services and constructing of various products on customer’s request and drawings are also a part of the main activities of the leading Bulgarian company, which was presented at the International Technical Fair in Hannover (Germany) a month ago.

In today’s business conditions, factory Spartak JSC is establishing itself as a Bulgarian leader on the fan market not only in the country but also like the face of Bulgarian industry in Russia and Europe.

Pictures of the biggest ventilator produced this year in Bulgaria which is becoming a part of Russian industry, together with other products of Spartak JSC, could be checked on the web site of the company or on telephone number +359 56 88 00 80.





On a Technical exhibition in Germany, a team of SPARTAK JSC presented the new products that will be offered on the international market this year. As it is known, the company is a leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment in Bulgaria. The main accent in the marketing strategy of Spartak is timely producing of high quality items.

Over the last decade, Spartak JSC built partnerships with leading companies in Western Europe. Metal pallets for the automotive industry, made in the workshops of the company won the trust of major manufacturers from Germany and France. A large part of gun cabinets that are sold in UK are manufactured here again.


In the last years Spartak JSC strengthen its position on the Russian market where our fans have been established as the most competitive and popular products because of the quality they have.

Management of the company has provided the producing department with the most modern technology for laser cutting, bending, welding and painting from Europe manufacturers.


The development of Spartak JSC as a leading manufacturing company is proven by certificates of conformity to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, ISO 15085-2, OHSAS 18001.

Thanks to the participation of international fairs and industrial exhibitions, supported by high quality and timely execution of orders, Spartak JSC extends its international position and product range, as can be noticed in the corporate site:



A final press conference was held by Spartak JSC. On this meeting was officially reported the successful completion of the project "Improving working conditions - a factor to increase efficiency of employees in Spartak JSC". The project is funded by the Operational program "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013, on the scheme "Safe Work". The project was completed within 1 year and it is on the total amount of 156 834 BGN.

As a part of this project, the company has implemented and maintains systems for managing health and safety at work, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard BS OHSAS 18001:2008
Provided personal protective equipment and clothing meets the latest standards for safety and protection.

78 employees of Spartak JSC were trained for safety work with the new equipment.

Spartak JSC is a company that constantly maintains and develops its policy for improving working conditions for employees. The results from a survey among the target group in the project, show a high level of satisfaction - a fact that motivates the leadership of Spartak JSC to assure health care and safety work for personnel.


On 20.05.2014 was held a General Meeting of ShareholdersofSpartak JSC in Burgas, 3 Odrin street. It was decidedtodistribute a dividend of0.20BGNper share.

Young firefighters competed in Dolno Ezerovo

On 25.04.2014 at Stadium Dolno ezerovo was held an annual competition "Young firefighter", organized by the Regional Service "Fire Safety and Protection of Population" - Bourgas.
Today's battle was won by the home team school "Hristo Botev".
The teams competed in two disciplines "Combat deploymentcompetitionaly path" and "400m relay hurdles." All competitors showed good sportsmanship and teamwork. ____________________________________________


   07/10/2013 – Team of SPARTAK JSC has made a presentation toengineers, members of CEID/Chamber of EngineersofInvestment Design/,Burgas. The theme of it was innovationsin the production processand the currentproduct rangeof the company, as well as information onthe technological capabilitiesof Spartak JSC.



In a rest house “Spartak” at Park Rosenets was held a training for officials workers from Spartak JSC. The theme of the seminar was "Continuous improvement through management restrictions."
A lector was Mr. Vasilev - renowned professional in the field of system management with deep knowledge and extensive experience in Total Quality Management.
The training was held with keen interest shown from participants from Spartak. Contribution to this fact was the lecturer who skillfully presented complex matter and different options to be solved.


May 2013. Spartak JSC was implemented and certified by system for managing health and safety in accordance with the requirements of standard BS OHSAS 18001. Elements included in this standard are policy and commitment; risk identification; risk assessment and risk control; legal requirements and programs, organization and personnel training, communication and consultation; operational control, emergency preparedness, monitoring and measurement, investigation of incidents and accidents; corrective and preventive actions, audit and management review. Company certification of standard BS OHSAS 18001 is a part of the activities carried out under the project "Improving working conditions - a factor to increase efficiency of employees in Spartak JSC", carried out by the financial support of Operational Program "Human Resources Development", co-financed by the European social fund.


 08/10/2012 - In Octoberfor the purpose ofmanufacturing, SpartakJSC boughtlaser cutting machineTrumpfTCL3030, 3kW. The unit was installedand operates for the betterquality ofSPARTAK JSC products.

On 28.09.2012 - TeamSPARTAKvisitthe annual "International Trade Fair" in Plovdiv. Our companywas presentedwith the latestservice we offeranddifferent types ofproducts thatourengineering team has developedin 2012.More information forour productscan be findby making an inquiry to e-mail address:

 16.09.2012 – In order to receive more information for services and products of Spartak JSC, we are presenting to our customers a new video that illustrates the capabilities of our company. The new video can be seen in the category "About Us".
09.08.2012 – Once built a long term tradition in the Russian market, the partnership between Bulgaria and Russia was resumed with series of exports of industrial fans with the trademark and warranty from Spartak JSC. To view the different types of ventilation equipment that we offer, check out the menu "Products" on our website.

30.06.2012- SPARTAK received a certificate for welding EN ISO 3834-2 and now it is certified for welding of steel structures for use in railway construct EN 15085. Documents were issued by TüV Rheinland to ensure the quality of products of the company!


26/06/2012 - The executive director of Spartak JSC engineer Kiril Yakov officially signed a grant from the European Social Fund through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" on scheme "Safety at work".

The company received a special diploma for investment in health and safety, awarded by Minister Mladenov. The project of Spartak JSC was ranked on second place in the country from 239 proposals approved for funding. The amount of the project is estimated at the amount of 150 000 BGN. Through the project, Spartak will optimize the work and implement a standard for safe and healthy working conditions OHSAS 18001:2007.

On 26.06.2012 the company receivedfrom Minister Totiu Mladenov a special charterfor investment inhealth andsafety. Project of Spartak JSC isranked on second placein the countryfrom 239approved project proposals for fundingandis worth of over150,000Levs. Through the realization of the project,the companywill optimize theorganizationof work, a standard forsafe andhealthy working conditionsOHSAS 18001:2007 will beimplemented,employeeswill be trainedto work safely with the newly equipment.

26.04.2012 г.
General Assembly of Shareholders of Spartak JSC decided to distribute dividends for 2011 – 0.20 lv. per a share.

Based on art.223paragraph1 from CA, Board of directors of Spartak JSC convenethe Annual GeneralAssembly of Shareholdersdated26.04.2012in Burgas, 3 OdrinStr. at13.00 o`clock. In case of lack of quorum, based on art. 227 of CA, the General Assembly will be held on16.05.2012at 12.00amin the registered officeof the companywith the same agenda.

General Assembly of Spartak JSCdecidednot to distribute dividendsfor 2010and prior years.


On the grounds of Art.223 par.1 of the Commercial Law the Board of Directors of the company SPARTAK JSC summons the annual General meeting of the shareholders. The meeting will take place on 17.06.2010 in Burgas, at 3 Odrin Str., starting at 16:00.

The General meeting of the shareholders of SPARTAK JSC took the decision for paying of dividends on the shares for the year 2008 - 0.50BGN per share.

On the grounds of Art.223 par.1 of the Commercial Law, the Board of Directors of the company SPARTAK JSC summons the annual General meeting of the company. It will take place on

in Burgas, at 3 Odrin Str., starting at 12:00.

This year, as usual, SPARTAK JSC will participate in the annual International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, from

29.09.2008 to 04.10.2008.
All our present and future clients are invited to visit our stand E16, in Hall 13.

The General meeting of the shareholders of SPARTAK JSC took the decision the company to pay the shareholders dividend on each share for the year 2007 at the amount of 1BGN per each share.

On the grounds of Art.223 par.1 of the Commercial Law the Board of directors of the company SPARTAK JSC summons its annual General meeting. It will take place in Burgas, at 3 Odrin str., from 15:00 hours, on 23.05.2008.

Participation in the International Fair - HANOVER 2008, Hall 004, stand F70.

SPARTAK JSC delivered, installed and put into operation: a new machine for laser cutting TRUMF TCL3030, a Hydraulic abcant - 135tons, a Four-shaft sheet-bending machine for thick up to 13mm. sheets, and a Balance-machine with automated operation SHENK

Participation in the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Hall 13, stand Е17)

During the General meting of the company a decision was taken the company to pay dividend for the year 2006 at the amount of 0,75BGN per each share, for all the owned as at the date of the General meeting shares with right of voting. The dividends will be paid at the Cash-desk of the company.

On the grounds of art. 223 par. 1 of the Commercial Law, the Board of directors summons the annual meeting of the shareholders of the company. It will take place in Burgas, at Odrin Str., at 16,00.

SPARTAK JSC, as a partner in the realisation of a project, financed by PHARE, organizes courses in welding, in which long-term unemployed people may participate.

4 pcs. of welding robots FANUC have been installed and put into operation in the company. 

Participation in the International Fair in Hanover. SPARTAK JSC invites all its partners to visit the stand of the company F71 at the Fair hall №4. 

The General meeting of the company decided the company to pay dividends on the shares – at the amount of 1 BGN per each share. All the shareholders of the company as at
have the right to receive dividends. The dividends will be paid on demand, at  the Cash-desk of the company, from 23.10.06 to 23.10.07. 

Participation in the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Hall 13, stand Е13)

Participation in the International Exhibition for sub-contractors, suppliers for the  automobile industry AUTOMEHANIKA 2006 – Franfurt. Spartak AD invites all its clients to visit the stand of the company К74 in Hall 3.1 of the Fair.

Participation in the International Fair in Hanover. SPARTAK AD invites all its partners to   visit the stand of the company F71 at the Fair hall №4. 

The company purchased a new Trumpf - laser cutting machine for sheets up to 20mm thick.

Participation in the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Hall 13, stand E13)

Participation in the International Fair in Hanover

The company acquired a new Stamping/punching machine DURMA PP6 12530 with  SIEMENS Sinumerik 840DI automation and a Hydraulic abcant press DURMA HAP 2050х35 with ENC 310 control.

General meeting of the shareholders.

Announced tender for delivery of a Stamping/punching machine with digital control.

Renovated digital lathe DFS400 with FANUC Oi control.

Delivery of a Machine for laser cutting of metal sheets.

Production of metal cases for keeping of guns – special order of JFC Engineering Ltd.

Production of a pallets for plastic boxes, ordered by RNR Engineering Ltd.

The General meeting of the shareholders voted and accepted the annual financial report of the company for the year 2002.

Production of the articles “racks for instrumentation and tools” – ordered by company Design Application Ltd.

Audit and certification of the Quality Management System of the company for compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2000, executed by the company SGS.

Prototypes of a new series of office desks “Logic” for the client OEP Furniture Group.

Production of the article “palette for fenders”, ordered by RNR Engineering Ltd.

The Board of directors of the company summons the General meeting of the company. It will take place on 30.09.2003.

Production of a new type of hammock-palette for Jaguar, ordered by RNR Engineering Ltd.