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The company  The company

SPARTAK JSC is the biggest in the country producer of ventilation and burning equipment. 

In production owe combine our 80-years’ experience and tradition the implementation of modern technologies and machines.

During the last 10 years we have diversified our product list in order to be able to answer the demands and expectations of our clients. We started the production of sheet metal and sheet metal profile articles according the drawings, samples and specifications of the ordering party – as for example legs for office furniture, metal pallets, metal cases and safes, metal box - baskets.

We produce articles with mechanical and stamping/punching processing of the steel material.

Our clients from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and France are confident to rely on us because the ambition of our company SPARTAK JSC is to meet the requirements of the clients, by offering the best possible quality, the lowest reachable price, and complex services, including the delivery of the complete product.

The major goal of the company SPARTAK AD is to deliver high quality products which are produced from best quality materials, which have undergone through all the needed technical processes and which are with organized logistics to the client.

The staff of company SPARTAK AD is highly-qualified and includes: a team of highly experienced diplommed engineers who take part in the technological process development of the products, offering tailored solutions to answer the requirements of our clients, as well as many well trained skilled workers who participate in the production of the products. 

The applied in the company Process Management System assures the rhythmical production and the systematic quality control.
The possessed by the company modern machines end equipment have opened a wide range of production opportunities which we turn into competitive advantages.
-  reasonably low price production;
-  exceptional team of diplommed engineers, developing the specific technological processes   and realizing the  production control;
-  certified ISO - complied Quality and Process Management System;
-  modern machines offering a variety of manufacturing methods for metal processing;.
-  delivery of completed services, including the provision of the needed materials and design drawings, the product production and the delivery to the client.    

Click here to download the Presentation of the company SPARTAK JSC (in PDF-format).