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The staff of the company SPARTAK JSC consists of highly qualified and well-trained specialists. The total number of employees, working on labor contracts for the company is 90, and 30 of them are with higher education diplomas.
The organizational structure of the company is developed in four different divisions: 
-    Company Development
-    Production
-    Accounting
-    HR
Several department units are formed in the Company Development Division – the Trading unit, the Marketing unit, and the Technical Control unit.
The specific activities of the Trading department are related to:
- organization of the processes of attracting new clients, price-formation, offering;
- organization of the contracts with foreign and local clients of the company, with the goal of increasing the amount of product realisation and market shares and fulfilling of the set business plans;
- organization of the contacts with the different suppliers, for the goal of providing for the Production division all the necessary materials for execution of the production program, and maintaining of active storage of materials;
- organization of the back-feed communications with the clients in relation to the production of test-samples and the ordered by them products for production;
- research on the markets for selling of products, produced by the company;
- preparation of standard offers and price-offers for products of the company, and communication of the same to the clients on regular basis.

The Production Division comprises of the Production & Technology unit and all the different production workshops and facilities: the Workshop for Cutting operations, the Workshop for Preparatory operations; The Mechanical Workshop; The Workshop for assembly and the Workshop for Final assembly.
Many experienced and highly-qualified engineers work in the Production & Technology Department, where they:
-   create and develop new production processes, control the execution of the         processes and technologies;
-    improve the technological means and methods for production;
-   organize and participate in the testing procedures for implementation of new technological solutions;
-    observe, collect information and analyze technological problems;
-    offer changes in the technical documentation;
-    organize intermediary quality control during the production of the details; 
-    handle all the documents related to adopting of the new products for production;
-    realize checks of the technical documentation and certify the technological characteristics of
     the constructions.

The workers in the workshops are well qualified, constantly being trained and certified for the specialized work which they do – welding, mechanical metal works, etc.